Optimization Method

Explore the Optimization Method, this wellness program is tailored for individuals facing difficult weight loss challenges and chronic medical issues like prediabetes, high blood pressure, and elevated cholesterol. Rediscover your true self by addressing concerns such as low libido and low energy levels though our comprehensive and unique 12-month program. Unlike traditional approaches, we offer comprehensive support to ensure your journey to optimal health is guided and successful. Embrace a holistic approach to managing your well-being with the Optimization Method.  

Let’s get started! 

We initiate the process with an in-depth review of your present condition, examining your health history, symptoms, and current medications. Subsequently, we conduct thorough lab assessments, including an evaluation of hormonal well-being and metabolic status. This comprehensive approach allows us to gauge your lifestyle, health problems, biochemical factors, stress levels, nutritional status and that may be hindering your progress along with potential risks of chronic diseases. Additionally, you may need to undergo specialized testing for a more detailed analysis.  

Further laboratory or diagnostic testing may involve specialized examinations when necessary: 

Digestive analysis 

Food sensitivity 

Heavy metal testing 

Indicators that could anticipate potential health concerns: 

Inflammatory markers 

Advanced cardiovascular risk factors 

Estrogen metabolism for cancer risk 

Osteoporosis risk 

Genetic markers  


Body composition analysis (Zozo fit) 

Nutritional Evaluation 

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in your journey. While many connect nutrition solely with weight loss, it is equally essential for addressing health issues influenced by diet and digestion. Our approach involves conducting a thorough nutritional assessment and a personalized dietary plan tailored to your needs.  

The Blueprint 

Upon completion of your comprehensive analysis, we will customize a personalized plan to address your current health issues and symptoms. This encompasses our medical weight loss or specialized nutrition programs, hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy or vitamins.  

Throughout this process your clinician will be available for follow-up with check-ins to address multiple issues concurrently and adjust your program as needed.   

Periodic labs will be repeated (as needed) to gauge your progress. As your program concludes, we’ll work together to determine an ongoing treatment plan to support you on your continued health journey.