Peak Performance Method

The Peak Performance Method is a comprehensively crafted 4-month program designed for individuals who prioritize their health and wellness through nutrition and exercise but are seeking additional enhancements. This program offers a range of advanced options, such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, specialized supplements, nutraceuticals, and peptide therapy. We focus on optimizing your mood and metabolism, while also providing valuable insights into potential future health concerns. It serves as your proactive investment in a healthy tomorrow for those dedicated to maintaining their well-being today.   

Let’s get started! 

After comprehensively reviewing your medical history and current fitness practices, we will initiate the process of identifying opportunities to enhance your healthy lifestyle. This involves a thorough discussion about your performance goals and pinpointing areas that can be optimized.  

Further laboratory or diagnostic testing may involve specialized examinations when necessary: 

Food sensitivities 

Exposure to heavy metals 

Advanced cardiovascular risk 

Osteoporosis risk through urine bone breakdown markers 

Genomic testing for inherited risk factors 


The Blueprint  

Upon reviewing your test results and establishing your baseline, we’ll craft a comprehensive personalized plan aimed at optimizing your health. This plan may involve BHRT, Peptides, and/or supplements. Monthly check-ins will be conducted throughout your program, and before its completion, labs will be retested to monitor progress or make necessary adjustments for continued success in achieving Peak Performance.