Rejuvenate Method

Rediscover balance with the Rejuvenate Method, crafted for individuals encountering common symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as loss of energy, decreased sex drive, anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, weight gain, joint pain/stiffness, decrease in job performance or decline in physical abilities. Focused solely on hormonal imbalance this program is dedicated to restoring balance to your hormone levels, addressing these symptoms and guiding you to feel rejuvenated.  

Let’s get started! 

We will initiate the process with a consultation to discuss your lab findings. Together, we will find symptoms linked to hormonal imbalances and formulate a targeted plan of action for effective treatment.  

Laboratory Assessment 

(see chart) 

The Blueprint 

Monthly check-ins will be conducted to monitor your progress and assess the alleviation of your symptoms. Around 8-10 weeks into the program, an additional set of tests will be ordered to confirm substantial improvements. 

Upon completing the program, you’ll undergo a comprehensive review of your progress with the practitioner. Together, we’ll assess your treatment plan and make any necessary adjustments. A plan will also be formulated to ensure ongoing monitoring of your progress in the future.